The second most popular question we run into (after “Why use Facebook?”) is why should I consider using Twitter for my social media marketing efforts for my business.

The answer is rather simple; It’s by far the best way to build a following. make new contacts, keep in touch and provide real-time updates with what is going on in your business.

Twitter is also a great way to get your message to go viral. Think about this: The average Twitter user has 100 people following their tweets. If you have 100 people following your tweets and 20% of them decide that what you have said is important enough for them to pass on (re-tweet), your original message would reach 2,100 people – assuming no one else re-tweeted your message. What if they had? This is called viral marketing.

Twitter (also known as micro-blogging) is a great way to let people know what is going on in your business, announcing a new product or service, providing customer support, getting real-time information out, letting your followers know about a new post on your blog or any number of different things that you may want to tell others – all wrapped up in a 140 character bundle!