Keeping up in the ever-changing world of search engine optimization has become a full-time job for most people. In the past, there were only a handful of things to consider when it came to optimizing your websites for search engine indexing. As more and more people made more and more attempts to take advantage of search engine optimization for all the wrong reasons, the search engines became smarter and smarter and thus have closed many of the doors that were used with traditional search engines.

There is some easy things you can do on your own website to help the search engines continue to index your site favorably.

Specifically paying attention to your title tags, description tags, URL names, page content, internal architecture, site architecture, and alt tags on images are all easy things that can be done on your website to give a bigger bang for the buck.

Title Tag: Use keywords in the title tags. Many web pages have titles that contain the name of the company only or the page name itself. This is not necessarily beneficial for search engines. Use this space to your advantage by placing some strategic keywords relative to the individual page on the title. You have about 70 characters to work with here. Also, make sure each page on your website has a unique title tag!

Keywords in your URLs: If possible, create a sub-directory structure with keywords as the directory names. Linking from one page to another within your site references these individual directories and thus provides a little more opportunity to include keywords on your page.

Site Navigation: Use text links where possible with keywords in the text links. If you are using images make sure anchor text is included with the keywords.

Optimizing image names: Making sure images are descriptive are not only helpful for those that are visually challenged and rely on website reader tools but using alt tags on images provides some additional keyword juice.

On-Page copy: What you write on the page and the keywords you use in the text on your pages are indexed by the search engines. Make sure you are using a handful of keywords relative to the individual pages in the text copy on each of your pages.

Meta Description Tag: Not really a big win when it comes to keyword and on-page optimization but it does provide some benefit to getting some keyword inclusion and it give the searcher a reason to click on the site that is returned in the search engine results page.