Many business executives believe that spending any amount of time on things like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is a waste of time.

Reality is that over the past five years, it has grown from a platform of skepticism by brands to an essential tactic of marketing plans.

image.tiffThere is the face you see (social networks).

The interactive side of social media and the face you don’t see – the secondary or quiet benefits to having a social media presence.

When people think about social media, things that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest or hundreds of other similar sites.

These sites are not social media, they are the tools that allow for social media to happen.

These tools work independently or in conjunction with each other to facilitate online conversations.

These conversations are taking place on the internet where people are coming together to share their opinions, perceptions, and experiences about all sorts of topics.

These online conversations are really the overarching concept of social media.

So put simply, social media marketing is the way for your company to put some personality behind it to become engaged in these online communities and participate in these online conversations.



And the face you don’t see – the silent benefit of social media.

An increase in website traffic, branding, visibility, site ranking, but by far, the biggest benefit is SEO.

Social Media is now one of the single most important source of referral traffic to a website. This referral traffic is extremely high in search engine indexing resulting in your website ranking higher.

It may be time for your business to rethink what social media can do to help with your overall marketing strategy.