Are You Using LinkedIn Correctly?Are you using LinkedIn correctly?

Many people set up a LinkedIn page, found and invited people to connect with them and simply abandon working with it.

Ask anyone who has achieved the greatest success using LinkedIn what the formula for success is it would look something like this: success = strategy + initiation + allocated time + execution.

Defining a strategy with any social media network increases the chance success. What are you looking to achieve with LinkedIn and are your goals realistic? Are you networking? What are you doing on an ongoing basis to establish connections with your network? What are you doing to build up relationships? How much time are you willing to commit or allocate from your schedule? Are you willing to commit the time you have allocated towards execution? The answers to these questions will determine your likelihood for success when using LinkedIn.

Create a complete profile

LinkedIn states that having a 100% complete profile gives you a 40% greater chance for networking success. This should include a 100% complete Company page as well. While the professional page can be solely about your skills and experience, your company page needs to include a description of your products and services as well. Using both types of pages increases the chance that you or your company will be found in a search.

Post status updates, follow companies, and join groups

Tap into new ideas, identify and implement best industry practices, or just ask a question. Use the wisdom of a large number of people. You can share ideas, start following companies and join groups on LinkedIn leveling the playing field for small business’ to get the kind of information they need to compete.

Post status updates on both your profile and your company page to give your connections and those following your company updates on what you are up to. Remember to include links back to your website or blog site frequently as this will help increase your SEO indexing equity.