While Facebook remains high at the top of the heap in regards to driving traffic to websites, Pinterest climbs past Twitter to take over the number two spot.

According to Shareaholic’s latest report on Social Media traffic, nearly 30% of all website traffic is coming from social media sites at the end of September, 2014.

According to their report, over 22% of that traffic is attributable to Facebook alone and Pinterest; while not even close, accounts for 5.5% followed by Twitter at a dismal 0.88%.


The chart shows changes during the previous quarter and more specifically, shows the changes in the amount of visits gained or lost through each platform.

The study also found that while Pinterest and Facebook have continued to thrive year-over-year, nearly all the other sites counted have seen their social referral numbers fall.

“Facebook continues to thrive where others have declined because the site has a large number of committed users.” states Merry Morud, social media advertising director at aimClear. “Traffic from Facebook comes down to the sheer volume of Facebook users that enter the platform daily (if not multiple times per day) and the fact that Facebook is familiar for users,” says Morud.

While Pinterest is a distant second to Facebook, it has doubled its share of influence in the past year, most likely because Pinterest has focused on building an audience of devoted users; similar to Facebook. Pinterest is committed to improving the engagement of their users which ultimately leads to the larger and more valuable audience further down the road.

As Pinterest continues to focus on audience engagement and growth, their share of influence will continue to increase at rates equal to; if not surpassing the share of influence Facebook has historically been able to sustain.

As Facebook continues to alienate their small business accounts, their share of influence will begin to slip which could be a game changer in terms of social media traffic referrals.