I get several requests every week from individuals who put up a new Facebook Fan page, create a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile or company page, a Pinterest board and Google+ profiles and are looking for my help in building their audience.

Short answer is I’m not going to unless you give me a reason!

Creating a social networking presence goes well beyond having a pretty profile presence. In order to attract and retain an audience it is imperative that you provide compelling content that goes beyond continuously talking about you and your brand.

There should be a defined strategy at play when you begin creating your social media presence. That strategy should include Goals & Objectives, Research, Locating Your Audience, The Right Platforms, SEO Friendly Profiles, Relationships, Content and Measurement.

Having a social media profile with no content is not found within the defined strategy. Finding people to “like”, “connect” and “follow” when you are not engaging with them will simply lead to disastrous results.

Please build your presence, research what you are going to say and who you are talking to and give me a reason to connect and engage.