dont-repeat-keywrodsHow do I write a blog post suitable for SEO?

Have you started to notice that more blog entries are shows up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when you do an internet search for something? The reason is actually pretty simple.

Each individual blog article that is written is another webpage on your domain that is seen, read and indexed by the search engines.

A well written blog post will contain information that feeds the search engine indexers.

Start with keyword research. Search engines give more importance to your page title than just about any other variable. Use phrases in the blog title that your ideal audience is actually searching for.

Forget the windup and make the pitch – also known as Factum writing. Generally, the approach most people take when writing is to justify or lead up to the point they are trying to make, then they make their point. Blog writing should be the opposite. Incorporate keyword phrases into your post body copy as early and as often as possible. The blog title won’t stand on it’s own, it will need a little help by being propped up by the actual content of the blog article itself.

Hint: If you feel it too difficult to work your keywords into the first sentence, open with a one to two sentence overview of your topic. If you still can’t effectively use your keywords in the overview, generally the blog isn’t about your keyword anyhow!

Warning: Overuse of your keywords can backfire on you. There really isn’t a magic formula to how many times and how often keywords should appear in your copy but the reality is if your copy doesn’t read well or the keywords you are incorporating sound forced, you are probably guilty of over-optimizing.

Share your post on your social networks. The indexing equity you receive from the inbound links cannot be overlooked. Sharing your post through social networking sites and getting others to do the same will simply result in more traffic being driven to the blog post itself and ultimately to your domain.


  • Create a blog on a domain that you own and control
  • Focus each post around a narrow, keyword-rich topic
  • Use your best keywords in the title
  • Use keywords early and often in the copy (not too often though)
  • Share and make it easy for others to share the blog post through social networking