Case Study

Why Secure Digital Solutions Chose to Use Social Media?

Since 2005, Secure Digital Solutions, (SDS) has provided clients in the Financial, Healthcare, Energy, Higher Education and Legal sectors with vendor neutral information security systems designed to reduce the risk of system breaches and data theft.

A separate, branded security dashboard system named Accliviti was introduced to the SDS family in early 2015, designed to provide quick assessment and visualization of an organization’s information security threats and weaknesses. 

SDS had did not have a Social Media presence prior to 2014 but because others in their industry began using Social Media as a way to provide industry information and updates about data breaches and other information security related topics, SDS began exploring the possibilities and became interested in using Social Media for those purposes as well as to drive traffic to their website to provide a much needed SEO boost.

 Initially, SDS expressed concern about a decrease in their website traffic and visits. In addition to trade show participation, SDS relies heavily on their website to provide relevant industry content, blog articles, white papers, job openings government compliance updates.

The Solution

Consider outsourcing your Social Media management. Save time and money. Get access to professionals whose job it is to stay up with the industry and best practices.

e-Merge Online Marketing has experience in providing social media management solutions to many businesses and business types across the country – including working directly with many senior living communities, transitional care facilities, memory care and senior communities. Our strategic approach is to work with our clients to develop social media goals; assist with strategies to grow their audience; provide content relative to the organization as well as current, relevant industry information; schedule the messages on the social networking sites; monitor all audience conversations; create, manage and monitor all social media advertising;  and finally, providing ROI reporting to show the results. All done in a collaborative manner on an ongoing basis.


Since taking over the social media marketing efforts for SDS in January, 2014 their website unique sessions traffic has grown by 22%. 

During the same period of time, traffic to the website from organic search (individuals searching the internet using keywords that would be discovered on the SDS website) increased by 19%; traffic to the website from direct visitors (individuals who simply typed in the website for SDS) increased by 23%; and traffic to the website from referral sources (social media) increased by 36%.

* Website metrics calculated as of September 30, 2015.