When talking with new clients about using social media to market their business, the biggest resistance is the amount of time it takes. Many find social media overwhelming and difficult to understand; particularly due to the sheer number of social network sites and the rapidly changing landscape. The second biggest resistance is they simply lack the time or resources required to ensure success using social media to market their business.

Don’t give up. Don’t lose traction. Don’t forfeit your momentum. Get help when you need it.

Here are some of the most common complaints of social media and what can be done to make social media successful.

It’s overwhelming!

Yes, yes it is. The primary reason is that there are literally hundreds of social networking sites to engage in online.

The good news is focusing only on the top sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) will produce the biggest results. Once you are comfortable with these sites, expand your horizons by learning the in’s and out’s of one or two new sites a week.

It’s difficult to understand!

Knowing what to say and when to say it isn’ straightforward. Each social networking platform will reach a different audience with different levels of engagement and that must be taken into consideration.

A separate strategy for each social platform is required. In order to do it right, you have to learn the nuances of each.

How often you post, what you say, how you say it and who you connect with are all important in building up your social media presence.

No time and resources!

There is more to social media than writing the occasional blog post and throwing a link to it out on Twitter or Facebook. You have to be actively engaged with your community. The number one rule of social media is to engage; engagement doesn’t mean constantly monitoring your sites however, it means periodically responding to posts and entering into the conversation

Of course, the good news is that all this can be done by an outside service. Consultants like us can help you develop a strategy, but it’s always best if an actual person from the company at least provides some input into the engagement. After all, you know your product or services better than anybody else can, and you are uniquely qualified to handle complaints and customer satisfaction.

The best way to manage your social media campaign!

This is different for each company. Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time social media person. But even among those who can and do, it’s essential to have someone help organize and build strategy.

If your in-house person has been managing social campaigns for any length of time and is fully dedicated to social media, then you might have just what you need. But for many businesses, hiring a consultant to manage, implement or just strategize with can be extremely lucrative.

Even if you have someone to carry out the plan in-house, it’s helpful to have a consultant who can work with you to develop a solid strategy for each social stream and then work with your team to implement it.

Don’t let it suck the life out of your business!

For some (like us), social media is fun. And it should be. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed, throw up your hands and walk away. But this isn’t an area where you can concede defeat. While social media can be a pain, and these complaints have legitimacy, you can overcome them. Time, patience and practice make all the difference in the world.

More and more people are getting social. That’s where they get their information, news, pass tips, strategies and recommendations. If you’re not engaged with them, someone else is. Your competitors are building brand, answering questions and becoming an authority. What are you doing?

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