You have a website for your business but no visitors. Without visitors your website is virtually worthless. What you need is traffic.

People can’t come through the door unless they get to it first.

Here are a couple of really ridiculously simply ways to not only attract visitors to your website, but keep them coming back!

  • Harness the power of search engine optimization.

SEO is a powerful tool. If you can rank #1 in Google for a popular phrase, then they will start sending all sorts of visitors your way.

Remember, I said we are going to keep this simple and SEO is far too broad of a topic to cover here, but there are several articles on the blog site that specifically talk about SEO tip and tricks and you can learn a lot about SEO on OPEN Forum for small businesses or for a really in depth look at the fundamentals, be sure to read the tutorial created by the SEO experts at Yoast.

At the very least, I recommend doing some minimal keyword research and using the proper tags and headings. If you do only those three things, then you’ll see some benefit without too much effort. These and other tips can be found in the blog post On-Page Quick and Easy SEO Wins.

  • Guest Posting.

Are you a subject matter in your area of expertise, do you have something of value to offer an audience?

If you have the ability to put some thoughts together around a certain subject and are a good writer, Guest Posting is an easy strategy where can create content (an article, audio recording, and video lesson) for another website. Why would you do that? Because if those websites have an established audience already, you can leverage that audience to drive some traffic to your site.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to sell with your business, there are websites and blogs that cater to those people already. Your future customers are hanging out somewhere online. It’s your job to get in front of them and share what you know.

Typically, at the end of your guest post, there will be a spot where you can link to your website. If you guest post for high-profile sites, then you should have no problem driving traffic back to your website.

  • Newsletters.

Sending e-mails out to your contacts on a newsletter list about anything from announcements, to upcoming events, new products, promotions, news articles, etc. on a regular basis will help keep those people interested in your content and drive them back to your site.

Don’t forget to include a “share with a friend” option on the email and make it easy for them to sign up for your newsletters when they come to your site for the first time.

  • Do Interviews.

There are many sites looking to do product reviews, talk with entrepreneurs or interview people on recent events in the industry. Reach out to these people. Tell them your story and mention that you’re available for an interview if they are looking.

This type of free promotion can help drive all sorts of people to your site and save you money on marketing and advertising.

  • Use Social Media Strategically of Course!

Obviously our favorite topic here!

Social media has been proven to drive traffic. In fact it is rapidly growing in popularity with the search engines. Why? Because the traffic that is generated by social media to websites is highly relevant, always recent and is virtually spam proof in that the people receiving a link via social media have asked to have a conversation with you already and when they do receive something from you (in the form of a link), click on that link it drives both the traffic AND the indexing.

There are many news sites, media outlets and individuals that have access to hundreds of thousands of people through their social media pages. Reach out to them, say hello and share your content in a friendly way. If you build a solid relationship, these people can become large drivers of traffic to your business.