Reclaim the missing page posts, putting you back in control.


In our last blog post we laid the foundation to understand the issue of why you aren’t seeing the status updates for the pages you’ve requested. We also indicated that we were going to give some good direction on how to get around this issue.

There are essentially two ways to accomplish this. The first we spelled out in the previous blog (engage, like, comment and share the status updates for the pages you like or have liked).

Taking these steps will create you a list of updates you are interested in – both Fan pages and friends.

To do this:

1. Click on the MORE link (it’s towards the bottom, on the left side menu on the Home screen)






2. In the “Interests” section that appears, select “Add Interests”







3. Click on “Create List”






4. In the box that opens, you will see all of the Pages you have “liked” in the past. Find the pages that you want to make sure you are getting updates from and click on them. You’ll notice the small checkmark by each page selected.

It should be noted that these are company pages you’ve elected to “like” in the past and it is helpful for those businesses if you continue to show your support to their pages by selecting them here!

NOTE: Before you click “Next” at the bottom, consider changing the view to see your list of friends and follow the same procedure.


5. Click “Next” at the bottom of the box










6. Give your list a name, leave the option “Who can see this list” set to “Public”. In our example, the list is named “Posts I Want To See”










7. Click on “Done”

8. Now on the left side menu on the home screen, you have a new option with the name you gave the list!






Clicking on this every now and again will at least give you the status updates for what you are interested in!

To reiterate what we’ve said before, interacting with these pages, liking their content, sharing or commenting on the posts and updates will increase the overall likelihood that their posts will find their way back to your newsfeed.

One final word, please help us spread this information around to the rest of your connections on Facebook – these updates can benefit everyone but in particular it gives great benefit to the businesses who are working hard to keep you updated.