There is a growing faction of businesses looking to outside resources to manage their social media marketing presence

There are four primary reasons for this:

  • Skills: Many business owners lack the skills to understand the concept of social media marketing and the tools that go with it
  • Time: If the business owners are focusing time on managing social media marketing on their own, chances are they are not dedicating enough time to managing their own business.
  • Resources: There generally aren’t spare bodies laying around that can be designated as the social media expert
  • Money: Take training classes? Hire a full time or part time employee? Business owners know they need to be marketing their business using social media, they don’t generally know where to begin

Far too often we find business owners who take on the challenge of social media management by having a friend or family member, typically in or just out of high school handle this function because “they know more about these things”. While it may be true these young people can update status, tweet, upload video or post pictures online, the real question lies in their ability to generate online conversations that the followers of the business are interested in or care about. Do they have the business acumen to adequately convey the big picture message of a business.