strategyMany companies continue to struggle with social media.

Some simply don’t understand the concept, they don’t know where to start and others who have been using it for a while often times report they don’t know what they are doing with it or how to measure the success or measurements. This is true of most companies; from the large Fortune 500’s down to the solo-preneurs.

Before developing a social media strategy, make sure the upper-management team in your organization is on board.

When defining the goals for your social media strategy, understand that the first goal is not to sell, sell, sell.

If your business is jumping into social media because “everyone else is doing it” or because you want to sell vs. building relationships with your customers or prospects, you may want to re-think your decision – social media should be viewed as a long-term marketing strategy and not a short-term marketing gimmick.

The first in a series, we will talk about the eight steps of creating a social media strategy: Goals & objectives, research, locating your audience, the right platforms, an SEO friendly profile, relationships, content and measuring (ROI).

What does your social media marketing strategy look like and how can we help you get to where you need to be?