Social Media Strategy

Don’t Just “Do” Social Media – Work It.

You know what you want your business results to be in one year—even three years. How will you use social media as one of your tools to reach those goals? Your answers to this last question is your social media strategy and we’ll show you how to craft it.

During our conversations with new prospects and clients, 99% of the people we talk to admit they have never created a social media plan. Many businesses will develop a marketing strategy, some will develop an online marketing strategy, but few will create a Social Media strategy. It is important to understand that without a plan, you will never know if you are achieving what you set out to achieve. We want you to achieve your goals with the help of Social Media.

As a participant you will:

  • Establish goals and objectives for your social media marketing.

  • Explore social media research to support your strategy.

  • Develop a method to identify your audience.

  • Choose the right platforms for your goals.

  • Discuss the elements of a SEO friendly profile.

  • Take steps to engage your prospects and build relationships.

  • Create social media content to invite interaction.

  • Plan social media advertising to amplify your results.

  • Establish a plan to measure and evaluate your ROI.

As always, our learners leave with resources, tips, and tricks. Expect relevant information delivered in an engaging style — a little laughter goes a long way in learning!