Social Media Audit

Do you wonder if your social media marketing is really working? Are you getting the results you feel you should be getting, or wanting? If not, why not?

Social media is far from static and what was working a few months ago may not be yielding the same results today. A social media audit is all about determining if your social media networks are meeting expected goals and also to ensure it remains relevant to your business and audience.

• Are you effectively using social media?

• How do you stack up to your competition on social media?

• How does your social media activity align itself with industry best practices?

• How do your social media efforts support your organizations over-arching marketing goals?

• What about your online presence and reputation?

• What does your target market see online regarding your organization?

No matter what your take on social media is, a social media audit will give you a clear picture of your current efforts, how they compare to industry best practices, and how they compare to your competitors. All designed to give you a clear path forward. Oh, and did we mention ours is FREE and no obligation?

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