Our 6-Point Social Media Strategy

Balancing the promotion of your business with the true intent of social media – engaging in meaningful conversations with your audience requires a strategy. Here’s ours:

  1. Goals – Whether it’s an increase of brand awareness, engagement, or rise in SEO rankings, we start with your business goals first.

  2. Objectives – Choose the platforms, frequency, and content to meet those goals.

  3. Research – We’ll develop a list of social and web sites that could engage your ideal audience. We stay on top of industry trends and use a SWOT analysis to provide you with A+ insight.

  4. Creation – When its time to roll up our sleeves and get it done, we’ll build your brand on the platforms and networks that meet your objectives. We’ll use the right tools at the right time like editorial calendars, sponsored posts, and targeted ads.

  5. Relationships – We’ll help you listen as much as you “talk,” like grown-ups do. As part of our services we monitor social conversations, offer responses, and recommend a plan of action if things get heated.

  6. ROI Reporting – Goals are great. Achieving them is better. We’ll look at our progress towards your goals with transparent reports that allow us to talk about the metrics and how your campaign performs.